Sunday, 23 July 2017

Quiet Space Welcomes Neal's Yard

So excited to have joined the team at Neal's Yard Remedies. I am already using their essential oils for my aroma friendship bracelets, finding their nature based products much more within my price range and yet still high end quality, 100% pure, as well as organically and ethically grown.

Quiet Space will now stock Neal's Yard products, running essential oil sessions with their products, taking orders and holding a Pop Up Apothecary, offering the opportunity for friends & visitors to make their own range of beauty product, blending Neal's Yard products and finding out all about the benefits of essential oils.

And it's all down to this lovely person, Senior Consultant, Isabella Rossi, who drove all the way to  Quiet Space to see me with her basket of beautiful goodies.

Neal's Yard is nature in a jar, offering us a way to gift ourselves small actions of love because we deserve to smell wonderful and feel the healing benefits of organic, natural care.

They have even given me my own Neal's Yard Website to share with you ... Just click HERE

Saturday, 22 July 2017

It's the little things

I know it seems like such a small thing, but yesterday I took delivery of my new little cards for my friendship bracelets and it really has made my aching heart sing. 

To be honest, it's been a bit of a tough week. My hyperacusis kicked in really badly 2 days ago. It is even difficult to type today as the sound of the keys are amplified so loud. The tough thing is there is nothing I can do about it other than be still and trust that it will calm down again. I have had to take out my hearing aid as it is making it worse. Even though I feel like the lights have been turned off, I just have to breathe and accept that this pathway is up and down with ebb and flow. 

Meanwhile, the postman turns up with my little envelope seals and it makes me smile so much that it doesn't matter that everything is distorting in my head.

Holistic creativity is the key to living life with a smile, even when smiling is at its' furthest from your heart. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Circle of Friendship

One of the unexpected things that has happened since opening Quiet Space Studio is that my beautiful friends, have gifted me some very lovely wool. I wondered how I could repay this kindness.

I decided to make 6 bracelets and offer them on my facebook page to my friends asking them to nominate someone that they felt would really benefit from receiving a surprise friendship bracelet made with love, weaving a wider circle of friendship.

I also had a look through my facebook feed and where I could see a little sadness or loss, I wrote to the person & asked them if they would like to receive a Circle of Friendship Bracelet.

The response has been so heart warming. It really does seem to touch people's hearts. 

Small actions of love have been the key to my own healing and now I feel strong enough to share that love in just a small way, to help others.

Wherever you are and whatever you are up to today, know that you are loved. We are dolphins in the same ocean.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Rubbish Re-invented

Quiet Space Studio is very happy to welcome Rubbish Re-invented, the creative concept of Lin Williams. All of her work is made from recycled carrier bags. 

According to, it is estimated that One Trillion carrier bags are made and distributed globally on average per year. A year's worth of carrier bags will take 1000 years to de-compose. 

That's why I love Lin's recycling craft. Not only is it beautiful, she is also helping to save the planet.

Lin will be resident at Quiet Space for the next month. She has bags, purses of various sizes and belts. Feel free to pop in and have a look.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Buttercups by the Teifi

I am so pleased to have launched my new 'Postcards from Llandysul' Range today. The first 2 postcards are 'Buttercups by the Teifi'''Ceredigion Cornfields'. 

I made the original pictures with local wild pressed flowers. Then I photographed my work and sprinkled some magic, to make them into postcards & pens.

Postcards from LLandysul will be available soon online but for now, they are available in Quiet Space Studio or my facebook page. 

Because it's the little things that count ... 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Water Colour Friendships

About 5 years ago, a dear friend of mine, Miranda Betts, had a Women's Day Celebration on the beach in New Quay. This is where I met Jet. Jet and I hit it off so we became friends on facebook afterwards, and though we have never met again, we have stayed in touch, finding that we follow similar creative journeys.

A couple of days ago, Jet had posted on her facebook about some lovely new paints that she had acquired. They were intense dye based colours, so I asked her to do some testers for us to see on facebook, which she did. I didn't for one minute, think that I would be trying them out in the flesh.

Turns out that Jet travelled down from Nottingham to stay with a friend not far from Quiet Space Studio, so she came late afternoon with her friend and the rather exciting paints. 

I had some lovely watercolour blank postcards so Jet, her friend, Fiona, who was still at Quiet Space and myself, all sat quietly painting together. It was so lovely to be with others in this quiet way. 

I did a poetry reading for them, my 3rd one today. It's such good practice for me and I am finding it very healing. I couldn't even read through a whole poem 2 weeks ago without losing my thread but the more I practice, the more I am feeling my flow again. I can sense myself healing. Baby steps.

What a wonderful day, filled with so much friendship that one can't help but feel uplifted.

'Heron's Landing' Photo Shoot with Fiona Winter at Quiet Space

My dear friend, Fiona Winter, visited me today at Quiet Space Studio. Fiona is a dancer. She is the Director of Energy Moves and teaches Nia. She is also the most incredible energy worker. 

She asked me to take some photographs for her website and marketing. I love taking photographs. I only use my telephone camera but I find it offers me a flexibility. For this type of shoot I do quite a bit of work in terms of capturing personality & learning about a person's angles. I should add that there is no editing on these shots. They are authentic, real and of the actual moment, not a touched up version of it. That felt important in capturing Fiona.

After Fiona had asked me about doing the shoot, I scrolled through her existing photographs on facebook to study how we could reach the petite yet mighty Fiona: The naughty yet sensitive and empathic Fiona. The wise yet youthful.

The first part of the shoot, I took 50 or more shots of her at different angles whilst telling me a story. This way I can capture movement and enigma, a person's flow. We studied these shots together to discuss the angles that best capture her on camera. We then went to try these out against a backdrop that represents the spirit of Fiona.

Energy Moves is fluid and constant like the river, evergreen like the ivy, ever changing yet the same, like the sky ... I took Fiona to a place on the Teifi River where Heron's come to land. I go there a lot to watch them nest. With her winged scarf, it seemed the perfect location, it has everything that is Fiona. The Teifi has been inhabited since before time, it is ancient and wise, beautiful and powerful, it can appear light yet is deep and flooding.

And this shot below is my Fiona, my darling friend. I choose it because it's all about the depth and smile of her eyes.

What a wonderful afternoon at Heron's Landing, where grown ups can play as if they were still children, which off course, we are.