Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Pwerdi Powerhouse Summer Open Exhibition

                                                                          Exhibition Curator & Organiser Suzanne Hughes Owen

The Pwerdi / Powerhouse Open Summer Exhibition is now OPEN! And what a fabulous collection it is, curated by my friend Suzanne Hughes Owen and her lovely husband John who have worked tirelessly to bring together 50 artists  and over 100 pieces of work into one space. And what a beautiful space it is.

This is a piece of Suzanne's Work

That's why I am so humbled to be part of it. When Suzanne asked me if I would like to include my Circle of Friendship Bracelets in the exhibition well, I said no at first, because I felt that my work wasn't really good enough to be in an exhibition. But she smiled and put her arm around me and I thought, Oh go on then, why not.

And it gave me a tremendous lift to see my work in amongst everyone else's. 

What really draws me to artists is their story ... this painting is by Alan Bonmey who has passed away. His wife, in her 90's, has placed her husband's work in the Open Exhibition. 

Isn't that just lovely. Even though he is no longer with us, we are still celebrating him as an artist. 

Every open exhibition I have been to is filled with stories of young, up and coming artists ... and that is fantastic for them, but Alan's story moves me. 

How many Open Exhibitions in the heart of the community, pay tribute to the work of those who have died, alongside those who still live. It truly is an open exhibition. 

There is a magic at Pwerdi / Powerhouse. You can stand out on the little balcony and be part of the river.

Or have a cuppa whilst perusing your favourite pieces of art.

Here's mine ... I was completely taken with the work of Sally Rogers ..

There is just something about her work that made me keep going back to look again and again.

Aren't her figures captivating ... and this hare is just sublime ..

And off course, I was drawn to these beautifully woven baskets by Justine Burgess ...

I love how Chris Chalk has captured the light into his piece 'Want to be my friend?'

Then there is this wonderful paper mache figure by Juanita Humphries ... 

And this striking painting by Nathalie Chapman ...

I could go on and on ... but I think the best thing is for you to try and get down to the exhibition yourselves ... For sure, you'll have a lovely welcome and a inspiring time.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Funky little teabag holders

I love a cup of tea. A cup of tea can right the world. But it can be difficult to get good tea when I'm out and about. I carry my teabags around in my bag and can never put my hand on them. 

So imagine my delight when I saw that my friend Sharon Lewis was making teabag holders that fit neatly into the handbag or rucksack, in really funky material, and lovely buttons, too.

Sharon is now exhibiting and selling her teabag holders at Quiet Space Studio. I know I'll be buying one, for sure.

Welcome aboard Sharon.

If you would like to rent an Exhibition Box at Quiet Space, feel free to get in touch.

Resident Crafter at Quiet Space

When I was waiting for my hearing aids from the NHS, I was very poorly and couldn't go out of the house becauseof my hyperacusis, my friend Caroline Lane from Hembra Crafting visited me at home to share her passion for wool. 

Maybe it is because she, herself has a hearing impairment that she understood what I was going through, or maybe just because she is a lovely friend, either way she brought sunshine into my life. Since then she has been back and for teaching me all manner of traditional skills and generally being a wonderful support. She has totally inspired me and sparked my imagination. 

That's why I have invited her to be Resident Crafter at Quiet Space Studio. Last week Caroline came to teach me drop spinning and members of the community popped in or watched through the window as they passed by. Next month she coming to teach me hand dying with local mountain flowers. How exciting. 

Caroline now has an Exhibition Box at Quiet Space Studio filled with woolly lovliness. Her company Hembra Crafting that she runs with her friend Anne Batye, runs workshops and attends events. 

Caroline has very kindly offered to take my Circle of Friendship Bracelets to West Wales Wool on October 14th & to Llandovery Sheep Festival on September 23rd & 24th. This means that even though I am not well enough to get there myself, a little piece of my creativity is still out there in the world, and that feels very special. Thank you Caroline. 

Friendship, for sure, is a beautiful yarn to weave within the fibre of life. This week my lovely friends Susan Berry is coming with her spinning wheel to Quiet Space and teaching me to spin. I don't know if my hyperacusis will cope with the sound of the wheel, but unless I try, I'll be none the wiser. And it is my hearing aids that give me this knew found confidence to try.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Featured Storyteller at Quiet Space Studio: Steve Killick

What a busy week at Quiet Space Studio, LLandysul filled with special guests, featured storytellers and magical people. Steve Killick is all three of these. 

We were part of the same team at the Storytelling for Health International Conference earlier this year and quickly became friends. 

I was delighted when Steve accepted my invitation to become Quiet Space featured storyteller, driving up from Cardiff to Ceredigion for a private telling of his new story, How to be a True Friend, which is over a 1000 years old, starting as a piece that was sung in verse, passed through the ages to today.

Steve gives us a sneaky peek at the story which actually lasts about half an hour. He will be telling it later this year in full at Kemis Storytelling Suppers, Cardiff and is planning to tour it next year.

Tonight I have been editing a digital story of the telling so watch this space ... I'll post it here when it's all finished.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


I just want to take some time out of my own creative journey to tell you about my dear friend Sean Corcoran over in Waterford, Ireland.

He is currently working on this absolutely amazing project called I AM WATERFORD setting up a group page where people from Waterford, who are living all over the world, can come and celebrate their cultural connections by leaving messages. In a matter of days the page has gone viral with over 8 and Half thousand Waterford people leaving their I AM WATERFORD messages.

I left a message saying that although strictly speaking I am not Waterford, I kind of wished I was because  they were making it seem so wonderful.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Sean Corcoran is nothing short of a creative genius and however brilliant we think he is, he always goes on to show us that he is even more brilliant than we thought. But I know his visions are made possible behind the scenes by the support of his wonderful family, so here's a massive shout out to Miranda and the children too.

If you would like to take a look at the page click HERE

PS: I am not sure who took the photographs but whoever you are, you did a tremendous job.

Circle of Friendship at Exhibition

People have said to me for years, 'Be still & Listen.' I am only just understanding the magnitude of taking this advice. Oh what bliss to take pleasure in the slow, gentle, quiet spaces of life, putting all my love into the making of small things just for the joy of it.

So what a surprise when my dear friend Suzanne Hughes-Owen,  invited me to exhibit my Circle of Friendship Bracelets at the Pwerdi/Powerhouse Summer Arts Exhibition, LLandysul.

There are so many amazing artists taking part and I am honoured that my little bit of love is cwtched in with them.

For the Exhibition, I have made a collection of Coastal Bracelets with shells from Cei Bach/Beach at New Quay.

The wool was spun on the wheel and gifted to me by another dear friend, Susan Berry from Carmarthen.

There is quite a story behind my Circle of Friendship Bracelets. You can read it  HERE.

The Exhibition is open for a month from this weekend. Full details of times and artists are available HERE.

Friday, 4 August 2017

The Healing Power of Pooh

One of the most wonderful things in my healing practice, has been clearing physical space in my life as well as emotional and spiritual.

Some things I have given to the Hospice Shop, others to friends and some belongings I have shared with friends on facebook to re-home for a small amount of money, enabling them to have the things they would like and me to know my beloved belongings are off to good homes.

My little Pooh family have lived in a basket on top of my wardrobe for more years than I care to mention, so I decided to re-home them.

A friend contacted me. When she was a child, her family had a house fire that robbed them of all their belongings. She was so upset that she lost her Pooh family and has always thought of them, even now that she is all grown up.

When she saw my post, she felt as though her beloved Pooh & Friends had returned to her. Here is a picture of them in their new home.

How moving. It is touching indeed that my belongings have gone to such a  lovely home.

My friend gave me £12 for my Pooh family and I am donating it to the Grenfell Tower Appeal through the Big Give. It was opened to raise emergency funds for the poor families of the Grenfell Fire in London earlier this year. By donating through my donation was matched, so that it increased to £24.00.

And this is the healing power of releasing 'things'. Just from my toys, I can bring about so much love. If releasing toys can bring such joy, just imagine what power releasing emotions can bring.